Free and lightweight MySQL administrator

Some months ago I had a project that need to implement certain stored procedure. Creating stored procedure using PhpMyAdmin is a breeze but not exporting it. I found it difficult (actually I can’t find a way to export stored procedure via PhpMyAdmin). No luck using MySQL Administrator either. Finally found working solution: Navicat for MySQL but it’s not free.
Looking further (actually by accident when I’m looking for application that built using Delphi), found one that suit my needs:

HeidiSQL: a lightweight, Windows based interface for managing MySQL databases

It has session management
heidisql session management

Neat main interface
heidisql main interface

Mandatory SQL query inputs
heidisql sql query window

Command history window, useful for you that eager to learn what’s the command that sent to MySQL server
heidisql command history

What I need most: create and edit stored procedure (double click on the stored procedure name to edit it)
heidisql  stored procedure browser

Oh, it’s also work for MSSQL server

Update (April 2016):
It does work on MariaDB too!!! (using mysql driver and settings)

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