Find which directory eats most of the HD space — Windows way

On previous post, I already show you how to check which folder/directory that eats most of your hard disk space in Linux the GUI way. No, we’ll show you the Windows way! Like in its Linux counterpart, there is also a free to tool to check hard disk space occupied by folders. Nowadays, hard disk space is cheap. Most of notebook/netbook is already equipped with hard disk that had capacity more than 250GB. However, how many hard disk capacity you had, it will feel too small time by time. It will be hogged by temporary files or your own file’s download. This Windows lightweight application will tell you which folder that eaten most of your hard disk capacity

TreeSize Free – Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Be aware that checking folder size of an entire disk can takes long time (mine was like 10 minutes to finish to “scan” all of the folders for a 100GB partition capacity. Not fat enough for its Linux counter-part (maybe it’s because the file system thingy). Also, you can’t change the tree view to other chart-representation, just like baobab in Linux.
You can run TreeSize Free from your windows explorer by right-clicking on the folder that you want to check it’s size. TreeSize will also check all sub-folders below the selected folder.

treesize right click

Right click folder on Windows Explorer

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