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As a programmer with bad house keeping habit, I often forgot where I wrote my code that I want to re-use. I’m also not an SVN/git fan, so, managing my project source codes is always a hinder to me. This tool helped me a lot coping with this kind of trouble. It can find files that has some content we want. It search based on Boolean operators, support regular expression/regex (even had regular expression tester) and can search inside Office 2007 and PDF document. The best thing is: its totally FREE!!! I noticed also that this tool is not hogging your CPU usage and memory, it does the search faster than Windows built-in search function (at least in my system).

Tool used: Agent Ransack – Free File Searching Utility

agent ransack main view

agent ransack example usage

Once installed, Agent Ransack can be accessed via right-click menu from your Windows Explorer. Agent Ransack will begin it’s search with the folder you selected in Explorer. As you can see in the above screen shot example, I’m searching all “*.pas” files inside some directory which contain word “GIS_AREA“. After inputting the search criteria/rules, click on “Start” button or that blue-colored “play” toolbar. Agent Ransack just need less than 1 second to do this search. After the search finished, you can click on the file list (left pane) and see the word occurrence on the right pane. You can also right-click this file list and edit the file using your favorite editor or browse the directory.

Instead of one folder, you can also search in multiple folders at once. Also you can tell Agent Ransack to search just the top folder not including sub-directories.

agent ransack choose folder

Choose which folder to search

You can also specify the file size, so it wont search big or too small file.

agent ransack file size setting

File Size restriction

Even more rules: you can specify the modified date! Very useful if you had a large code base and just want to search the file which modified in most recent days (or a week).

agent ransack set modified time

File modification date rules

More advanced user can play more with Agent Ransack options such as: using regex or not and specify the date rules more detailed.

agent ransack advanced options

Advanced options: using regex

agent ransack advanced date settings

Advanced Date rules settings

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