Best alternative to putty (windows ssh client)

I’ll let you know first: this application is FREE for school and home use (non-commercial). It’s a lot better than well known putty and fully compatible with Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.

So, what else do you waiting for? Go ahead to download page: XShell FREE download!!

Some notable features that you’ll find:

  • Flawless copy-paste function in pop-up menu. This I really like XShell for, I always had problem when trying to copy text from my shell into my Windows application such as Notepad++.

XShell flawless copy paste function in drop down menu

  • Multi tabbed shell browsing. Not only your Firefox had tabbed feature, now your shell client had it (without needing to install any plugin)!

XShell free ssh client for windows multi-tabbed shell browsing

  • Session management. Save your favorite SSH server session and quickly access it via menu.

xshell free ssh client for windows  - session management

 XShell free ssh client for windows -  quick access menu

quickly connect to your favorite SSH server via menu

  • Go full screen! This feel like you are truly logged in to your server directly.

xshell free ssh client for windows in fullscreen mode

Go download XShell for FREE!

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