alternative to HJSplit; split and join files faster!

It’s been few days after my last post. I’ve been really busy with offline projects. So, here I’ll make a quick post.
Why we need alternative to HJSplit? Well, for me, sometimes, HJSplit is hogging my memory and CPU usage. So I need other some kind of replacement that works just like HJSplit but better (and faster and compatible with HJSplit). And I found this piece of work:

FFSJ: The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner

The feature is just like HJPlit, FFSJ can split, join and md5-checksum your files. One thing it miss it “compare” file feature but I think it’s just comparing 2 md5-checksum of both files.

This is splitting window, you have more options than HJSplit
faster free file splitter
As you can see you can choose on how FFSJ split: based on how many parts (HJSPlit didn’t have this) or based on size (like HJSPlit). Also you can encrypt your files (FFSJ will ask you the password to encrypt)

The “join” window, mostly the same as HJSplit:
faster join file

The “checksum” window, nothing special here (except that you can copy the md5 checksum automatically to clipboard):
file md5 checksum

Drawback on Windows 7 64bit:

  • shell menu extension doesn’t work; it means you can’t right-click on a file then join/split/checksum it. However, when you’re double-clicking the first part of split-file, FFSJ will automatically open it.
  • FFSJ does not shown on Windows menu list. FFSJ install itself in c:\windows\sysWOW64\FFSJ\ffsj.exe. Quite a hinder when you’re trying to split a file (which because of reason #1, you can right-click and “split” on the file)

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