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Easily create SSH tunneling using XShell free SSH client

In my previous post, I’ve introduced you to XShell, the better free alternatives to putty as SSH client in Windows. Now, we will create a SSH tunneling using Xshell just like in putty. If you are new to SSH tunneling, simply put, you by using SSH tunnel, you have your own anonymous secure SOCKS5 proxy on your own. (Of course, first: you had to have a SSH server on the internet). What’s anonymous SOCKS5 prosy for? A lot, such as: anonymous browsing, spoofing your originated country, or just an alternative to private VPN.
OK, so let’s start:

  • Create a new SSH server session in XShell (File –> New or Ctrl+N) and fill all necessary server info such as session name host IP address (or hostname) and port number (if you are using non-conventional port)

xshell server properties

  • Choose “Tunneling” in the left Category

xshell tunnelling category

  • Click on the “Add” button

xshell add tunnel button

  • A new window/form will be shown. Choose “Dynamic (SOCKS4/5)” in “Type (Direction)“. Fill your desired local port number for the tunnel (default is 1080). Then activateAccept local connections only” check box. Click “OK” then “OK” again to close the server configuration window.

xshell socks5 properties

  • After the session settings is saved, connect it! Now your own local SOCKS5 proxy  is ready. You can use it for your browser (example : Firefox Options/Preferences –>Advanced–>Network–>Settings). Fill “localhost” or “” as your “SOCKS Host” then fill “Port” with the same number as your XShell settings in previous steps. Now you are ready to browse anonymously using your own SOCKS5 proxy.

firefox socks5 settings

  • Back to Xshell, you can view the traffic going through the SOCKS5 proxy via accessing XShell menu: View –> Tunneling Pane

xshell view tunneling pane

  • This is how the traffic looks like:

xshell tunneling pane

  • Not sure you are already in anonymous SOCKS5 proxy? Access my other site project here: http://reverse.vrank.org/ipinfo.php . The site will tell you what’s your detected IP address and where country are you from (based on IP address).

xshell anonymous socks5 proxy success

As you can see, my IP address now is the same as my SSH server’s IP and my country is also the same as where the SSH server reside. It is detected as United States although I’m actually browsing from Indonesia. Now, the three server variables also had blank/none value that tells the site you’re directly accessing the site not via proxy whatsoever. Happy tunneling!

Best alternative to putty (windows ssh client)

I’ll let you know first: this application is FREE for school and home use (non-commercial). It’s a lot better than well known putty and fully compatible with Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.

So, what else do you waiting for? Go ahead to download page: XShell FREE download!!

Some notable features that you’ll find:

  • Flawless copy-paste function in pop-up menu. This I really like XShell for, I always had problem when trying to copy text from my shell into my Windows application such as Notepad++.

XShell flawless copy paste function in drop down menu

  • Multi tabbed shell browsing. Not only your Firefox had tabbed feature, now your shell client had it (without needing to install any plugin)!

XShell free ssh client for windows multi-tabbed shell browsing

  • Session management. Save your favorite SSH server session and quickly access it via menu.

xshell free ssh client for windows  - session management

 XShell free ssh client for windows -  quick access menu

quickly connect to your favorite SSH server via menu

  • Go full screen! This feel like you are truly logged in to your server directly.

xshell free ssh client for windows in fullscreen mode

Go download XShell for FREE!