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Exporting high resolution image from QGIS project



You want to export your QGIS project into high resolution image. QGIS desktop “Project” –> “Save as Image” only save/export the project into a low resolution image (i.e. your desktop resolution).



1. Finish your project in QGIS

Finish your GIS project in QGIS Desktop, choose which layers to be shown, what style should it use, etc.

2. Choose your extent that will be exported into image

For myself, I choose the full-extent, but you may choose the extent as you wish. You my use “Vector” –> “Coordinate Capture” to help copying the coordinates. You will need to write down the coordinates for [xMin, yMin] (top-left coordinate) and for [xMax, yMax] (bottom-right coordinate). Save and close your QGIS project.

3. Execute the export command via command line of QGIS

Open your command prompt/console (preferably as Administrator/root). Go to your QGIS binary folder, where you install QGIS +”bin” folder, for example C:\Program Files\QGIS Brighton\bin. Use this command template:

qgis --project "c:\where\you\save\your\qgis\project\file.qgs" --snapshot "c:\where\you\want\to\save\your\image.png" --height result_image_height --width result_image_width --extent xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax

For example:

C:\Program Files\QGIS Brighton\bin>qgis --project "D:\work\dita s1\pmapper\Semarang\Kec_Banyumanik\banyumanik.qgs" --snapshot "c:\users\achmadz\documents\padangsari.png" --height 5000 --width 5000 --extent 435825.86153,9218725.47861,438150.22840,9217277.65534

That command will open QGIS Desktop for a moment then close itself. The command will produce padangsari.png in c:\users\achmadz\documents\. Open the image, and you’ll see the image in high resolution (5000×5000 pixels).


Play DASH video and DASH audio at the same time using VLC

VLC playing DASH video and DASH audio at the same time

As you may know, you can download youtube video using http://vrank.org/. The advantage of http://vrank.org/ over http://ytconv.net/ is that vrank allow you to download the video in their original format supplied by youtube. The one we will discuss is about DASH video and DASH audio formats. They are high quality video and audio formats but it has drawback: when you download a video in DASH video format you can’t hear any sound AND when you download in DASH audio format, you can’t see any video (obviously!).

DASH video and DASH audio formats option in vrank.org

DASH video and DASH audio formats option in vrank.org

Why? Well, the simple answer is: google/youtube separate the video into two stream: video and audio. So, when you are streaming a youtube video (using browser) in high quality format (720p and up), you actually download/stream from two different files.

Now, how can you play these two files (DASH video and DASH audio) at the same time? We will use VLC to do this!

  • Let’s assume you already downloaded the two files (DASH audio and video)
  • Open VLC
  • Access Menu: Media –> Open Multiple Files…
VLC: Media --> Open Multiple Files...

VLC: Media –> Open Multiple Files…

  • A new empty “Open Media” window will be opened, click on that “Add” button then browse and select your first file (could be DASH video or DASH audio file, not in particular order)
VLC: Open Media window

VLC: Open Media window

  • Check/click/activate “Show more options” checkbox
VLC: show more options checkbox

VLC: show more options checkbox

  • Check/click/activate “Play another media synchronously …” then click on “Browse…” button
VLC: play other media synchronously

VLC: play other media synchronously

  • A new empty “Open Media” window will be opened. Click “Add“, browse to your second files (either DASH audio or DASH video depended on your first opened file). Then click “Select” button (the button will become active/clickable after you choose your second file), this second “Open Media” window will be automatically closed.
VLS: a new empty "Open Media" window

VLS: a new empty “Open Media” window

  • Now, you’ll have the two files chosen and listed on the first “Open Media” window. You may click “Play” button.
VLC: two files is selected

VLC: two files is selected

VLC will play those two files synchronously, you may check it via VLC menu: Tools –> Codec Information, there will be two stream played together.

VLC playing DASH video and DASH audio at the same time

VLC playing DASH video and DASH audio at the same time



So, I’ve come to a place(=network) where you can’t access Adf.ly website. I download TV shows a lot, since a lot of TV shows download link is masked/hidden with adf.ly service, I can’t access the real download page because it isn’t redirected properly. Finally I decided to create a PHP script that decode this adf.ly URL into it’s real URL.
Here’s the final result (I know it’s ugly, but it works.. ๐Ÿ˜› ):

Although the site is created using PHP, I will not share the script. Why? Because a lot of webmasters (including me) gaining revenue from adf.ly, I don’t want this kind of script kill those revenue source. It’s for personal use only.

Downgrading ASUS Notebook BIOS

As I mentioned on my previous post about high CPU usage by audiodg.exe, I highly suspected that the culprit is because I upgrade my ASUS Notebook BIOS. So, here I’ll show you how to downgrade your Asus Notebook BIOS.

Asus Notebook has two way of upgrading/downgrading your BIOS. One way is using EasyFlash via BIOS boot screen and another way is using WinFlash utility. I’ll use WinFlash in this tips. Why? Because I can’t take BIOS boot menu screenshot ๐Ÿ˜›

WinFlash can be found on your Notebook CD driver companion or from Notebook Asus driver download page.

asus a43sv

Normally, WinFlash would not let you downgrade your BIOS. You’ll get warning and can’t click on “Flash” button. So, we need “unusual” way to start WinFlash utility

  • Make sure your Notebook battery is fully charged or connected to powerline.
  • Open Windows “Run” window by invoking Win+R. Type cmd there. It will open Windows command prompt.
windows run

run cmd

  • cd” to where you install WinFlash utility, usually on “C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\WinFlash
  • type this command: WinFlash.exe /nodate
  • See this screenshot for all above commands.
windows run asus winflash

How to run WinFlash via command line

  • The WinFlash window will be opened.ย Click OK
asus winflash from command line

WinFlash window opened via command line

asus winflash choose bios file

Choose downloaded BIOS file

  • You’ll still get warning about the BIOS you want to Flash is older than the currently installed. But, now you can click on “Flash” button.
asus winflash warning old BIOS

warning from WinFlash

  • Now click on “Flash” button. Flashing will start. After that, you can click on “Exit”. Windows will shutdown automatically.

There you have successfully downgraded your Asus Notebook BIOS!

Tested on: Windows 7 64bit, Notebook Asus A43SV, BIOS Revision 317 downgrading to Revision 314

Free and OpenSource tabbed FileManager for Windows

There’s one that I like most: Double Commander. It’s totally free, no shareware or demoware, and open source and it’s created using Lazarus+FreePascal! Awesome!

double commander interface

double commander default two-windows interface

If you looking for an alternative to a shareware Total Commander, you are choosing the right one. Double Commander can also install+load plugin from Total Commander.

Although I said in the title it’s “for Windows” but Double Commander can run on Linux too. Since it’s created in FreePascal, it should be able to be compiled on Mac also. However the only available binary is only for Windows (32 and 64 bit) and Linux (also 32 and 64 bit).

If you don’t want to bloat your Windows registry, Double Commander also come in “portable” version. No need to install, just extract and you are good to run it.

Some notable features:

  • tabbed interface
double commander tabbed file manager

double window + tabbed file manager

  • built-in viewer (included hexviewer) and editor with syntax highlighting (although the recognized programming language is limited)
double commander built-in editor

built-in editor highlighting Visual Basic Code

  • extended search function, almost has all feature of Agent Ransack. You can easily search files that contain some words.
double commander extended search

full text search

  • built-in file comparator based on it’s content, multi-rename file, compress and decompress (ZIP, TAR.GZ, TGZ, LZMA, BZ2, RPM, CPIO, DEB, RAR), calculate (and verify) file hash, split and join files (no need hjsplit now ๐Ÿ™‚ )
double commander additional functions

more built-in functions

If you want to download more recent (bleeding-edge/alpha) Double Commander for Windows 32bit and 64bit, you can head to: http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?Double_Commander