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Synching Nokia phone contacts to other smartphone (Sony, iPhone)

It’s quite simple actually, the key point is: using Google Contacts (quite weird that this contact isn’t listed in Google Products).

  • First step is that you should download Nokia/Ovi Suite
  • Sync your Nokia phone contacts via Nokia/Ovi Suite
  • Select all of your contacts (Ctrl+A or Edit  –> Select All)

Select all contacts in Nokia Suite

  • Export your contacts to your PC (File –> Export contacts). Select target folder where you will save the exported contacts to. You’ll have a lot of .vcf files there. We need to combine all of this files into a single .vcf file (so, we can import all of Nokia phone contacts to Google Contacts in one go)

Exported contacts from Nokia Suite

  •  Open a command prompt and navigate to the previously selected folder. If you are using Windows 8, you can do this easily, see screenshot

Windows 8 open command prompt in current folder

  • after the command prompt opened, type this command
copy *.vcf all_contact.vcf

fuse all of vcf files into one vcf

  • Now, open your Google Contacts.
  • Choose import contacts from your Google Contact. Choose that previously produced all_contact.vcf.

Google Import Contacts

Google Contacts import dialog

  • Now, make sure there’s no duplicate contacts (especially when you often do this synchronizing things)

Remove duplicate contacts in Google Contacts

You’re done preparing, now, we can easily synchronizing with smartphone from other manufacturers


Synching with Sony Xperia Go via PC companion

  • If your Android already setup for auto-synching with your Google Accounts, there’s no need to do this step but I prefer to do this just to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Choose Sync Zone from your Sony PC Companion


  • After that, you’ll be asked about your Google Accounts where you can sync the contacts


Synchronizing with iPhone

  • Well, not much to say here, just connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes (if it’s not open automatically). It should be synching automatically (if you are already set-up a Google account for your iPhone). If not, click that iPhone button.

iphone button in itunes 11

  • Choose “Info” then configure your Google Contacts

iTunes configure Google Contacts

  • You’re ready to sync

iTunes sync Google Contacts

Fidelity Media Payment Proof

I should’ve done this review months a go. I’ve joined Fidelity Media since November 2011. A little late but here we go..

What is Fidelity Media?

Taken from their website:

Fidelity Media is an online advertising network for advertisers and publishers.

We operate a Brand Safe Remnant Traffic network for advertisers and publishers. Our mission is to increase fill rates of every website’s available advertising inventory according to its fair market value. That means your inventory is filled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months of the year. If we have no campaign matching your inventory at a specific moment, we will use your Third Party Network’s HTML code provided during the sign up process.

So, basically, Fidelity Media is CPM network which take advantage of remnant traffic.

fidelity media logo


What I like about Fidelity Media:

  • Recently, the payment is always on time (NET30, paid on the end of month)
  • it’s taking our remnant traffic, so, I’m not too stressed about ads placement
  • (recently) the ads is clean and quite fast loading.
  • has default ads tags, so, when Fidelity Media doesn’t have inventory to fill your traffic, it will load another ads code from another network (that you provided, but the ads code must be approved first by their team)
  • eCPM is OK, between 0.11 – 0.13 for my site and traffic
  • low minimum payout. My first payment was like $3 😛


What I don’t like about Fidelity Media

low coverage/fill-rate (at least for my traffic –which mostly Asian–). Based on this screenshot below, my fill-rate is only about 27.76%

fidelity media fill rate

low fill-rate for Asian traffic

The reporting dashboard is slow from here (Indonesia), maybe because it need to connect to Rusia first (yandex.ru)??

well, they promised NET30 payment, but on the few first months joining them, the payment was like NET40. (this issue is not happening in few last months)

there were some accident about malicious ads code. (not happening again on few last month, but still, I need more extra cautious about Fidelity Media ads)

sometimes, it show Video ads with sound! (rare case, haven’t seen it in few last months)

the payment we received is still being cut by Paypal fees. Fidelity Media is the only publisher network that I joined that the payment still get cut by Paypal fees, others publisher network didn’t have this Paypal fees issue.


Payment Proof

OK, since I’m joining them on November 2011, my first Payment come at December 2011. Payment screenshot is taken from my Paypal History.

fidelity media payment proof part #1

Payment Proof part #1

fidelity media payment proof part #2

Payment Proof part #2

As you can see on the above screenshot, the payment on first few months is just like NET40 (although they mentioned it’s NET30) and there are Paypal fees cut from from your revenue.


[button link=”http://fidelity-media.com/?ref=y98qjyk54z” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Signup Link (using My referral)[/button]

NuSphere PhpED code completion for CodeIgniter Framework

NuSphere PhpED is PHP IDE of my choice since when I’m in college while CodeIgniter is my PHP Framework of choice because of it’s simplicity, extensibility and documentation. Creating website using CodeIgniter Framework on PhpED is quite a hassle because of non-working code completion for CodeIgniter’s MVC. PhpED won’t show you a list of code suggestion after you type (for example): $this->load->

phped 7 logo

this tips is tested on PhpED version 7.0 build 7044 and CodeIgniter 2.1.2

Well, that’s only until today. I solve the code completion after lurking on CodeIgniter’s getsparks.org and found Autocomplete package. The package claim to work on Netbeans and ZendStudio so I give it a try on PhpED and it does work.

This is how you do it:

Create autocomplete.php and save it on your application/config/ folder

codeigniter autocomplete in phped

This is how your application/config/ now look like

autocomplete.php structure is like this:

  1. declaration of CodeIgniter’s base class as PHPDoc virtual @property (those base class is on ‘system’ folder)
  2. declaration of your ‘models’ also as PHPDoc virtual @property. As example, I have ‘cds‘ model on my test
  3. then your own ‘libraries’ class as PHPDoc virtual @property. As example, I use our ‘pdf’ (based on pdf-php/ezpdf), ‘excel’ (based on PHPExcel) and ‘word’ (based on PHPWord) libraries
  4. and the rest .. (just follow the code.. I’ll keep it simple)


this is the full source code of our autocomplete.php

// NuSphere PhpED code completion support for Codeigniter 2.1

* Code Igniter Base class first
* @property CI_DB_active_record $db
* @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge
* @property CI_Benchmark $benchmark
* @property CI_Calendar $calendar
* @property CI_Cart $cart
* @property CI_Config $config
* @property CI_Controller $controller
* @property CI_Email $email
* @property CI_Encrypt $encrypt
* @property CI_Exceptions $exceptions
* @property CI_Form_validation $form_validation
* @property CI_Ftp $ftp
* @property CI_Hooks $hooks
* @property CI_Image_lib $image_lib
* @property CI_Input $input
* @property CI_Javascript $javascript
* @property CI_Lang $lang
* @property CI_Loader $load
* @property CI_Log $log
* @property CI_Model $model
* @property CI_Migration $migration
* @property CI_Output $output
* @property CI_Pagination $pagination
* @property CI_Parser $parser
* @property CI_Profiler $profiler
* @property CI_Router $router
* @property CI_Session $session
* @property CI_Sha1 $sha1
* @property CI_Table $table
* @property CI_Trackback $trackback
* @property CI_Typography $typography
* @property CI_Unit_test $unit_test
* @property CI_Upload $upload
* @property CI_URI $uri
* @property CI_Utf8 $utf8
* @property CI_User_agent $user_agent
* @property CI_Validation $validation
* @property CI_Xmlrpc $xmlrpc
* @property CI_Xmlrpcs $xmlrpcs
* @property CI_Zip $zip
* ==================== Put your 'models' here ======================
* @property cds $cds
* ==================== Then your own library =======================
* @property PHPExcel $excel
* @property PHPWord $word
* @property Cezpdf $pdf

class CI_Controller {};

class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller {};

* @property CI_DB_active_record $db
* @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge
* @property CI_Config $config
* @property CI_Loader $load
* @property CI_Session $session
class CI_Model {};

/* End of file autocomplete.php */
/* Location: ./application/config/autocomplete.php */

Now you are ready to use PhpED code completion for CodeIgniter MVC framework.

Code completion on your controller

phped code suggestion on controller

Try typing ‘$this->l’ then press Ctrl+Space 👿

Code completion for our own libraries (for example I loaded our excel library) when invoked in controller

phped code completion for excel library

example: type ‘$this->excel->’ then press Ctrl+Space 👿

Code completion for your own model when invoked inside controller

phped code completion for model inside controller

in autocomplete.php codes above, I include ‘cds’ as virtual property so I can call it’s code completion here on controller

Active record code completion in your model

phped code completion for CodeIgniter active record

It can show active record function suggestions

PhpED can also show active record’s function description. So you know what’s the parameter (and return value) to be expected from a function

phped codeigniter active record function definition

PhpED showing function definition for an active record function


A special case for query result

Since CodeIgniter database class’ query function returned a mixed type, PhpED can’t code-complete a variable that returned from your active record function (db->get, db->query, db->get_where, db->simple_query). For example, when you have code like this


then you try to type $query-> then press Ctrl+Space you will get a PhpED error message stating that PhpED can’t detect the $query variable type.

To overcome this, you have to use PHPDoc @var CI_DB_Result directive before $query variable, so your code would be like this

* @var CI_DB_result

Now, try typing $query-> then press Ctrl+Space, you’ll get code completion/suggestion for your database query result

phped query result code suggestion

PhpED showing code suggestions for a query result

TREQ A10C review

TREQ A10C is a low-end Android made-in-China tablet. I bought this tablet because although it’s low-end, it runs on Android ICS 4.0.3 (and my kids want Angry Birds Space  and Plants vs Zombie in this device 😛 ). The price is also affordable, IDR1,350,000.00 (about USD150) for the 16GB version.
Some basic system info (taken using Quadrant standard):

Treq A10C system information

TREQ A10C basic info

Graphic capability (also from Quadrant):

Treq A10C graphic component

TREQ A10C graphic capability

– cheap
– run Android ICS 4.0.3
– 1GHz single core processor (tweakable up to 1.5GHz) with 1GB RAM
– able to play MKV video (tested on 720p quality), subtitle is flawlessly shown.
– able to read external hard-disk (tested on my Toshiba 500GB), be aware though, Android will only read your first hard-disk partition
– already rooted
– Google Play/Market, Adobe Flash 11, HD games run smoothly
– HDMI output (cable is not included)
– 5 points multi-touch

– no GPS
– no compass
– no built-in modem
– no bluetooth
– no camera (well, there is a front VGA camera, it sucks)

Although this tablet hasn’t any internal modem (WiFi only), it does support some USB modem (GSM and CDMA):

treq a10c supported modem

Supported USB Modem by Treq A10C

ity.im review

What is ity.im?
ity.im is kind of adf.ly with a little twist. You got paid when you shorten your URL.

What’s the difference between ity.im and adf.ly?
There are some pros regarding ity.im compared to other paid-URL-shorter:

  • there is other ways other than shorting your URL to collect money: placing banner ads and pop-up ads (and referral)
  • eCPM rate is way too high compared to adf.ly — even for Asian-based country. I can make $24 per day using ity.im compared to $16 a day using adf.ly.
  • instant payment, no need to wait until end of the month until you got paid. Once you requested payment, the system will process your request and send you payment within days. They promised instant payment after request! My first payment came after 2 days of requested time.

Ity.im payment proof?
This is my first payment from ity.im:

ity.im payment proof

first payment from ity.im

Do you still use it?
NO! Why? Because ity.im only paid me on my first request, my second and third request just being ignored by them. Here’s my request screen shot:

scammed by ity.im

my ity.im pending payment requests

As you can see, my second request had been longed for more than 2 weeks (remember that they promised instant payment) and still no money coming to my paypal. That’s enough reason for me to lift their ads code from my site and move on.

Final words: Stay away from ity.im, it’s highly likely a scam!