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ity.im review

What is ity.im?
ity.im is kind of adf.ly with a little twist. You got paid when you shorten your URL.

What’s the difference between ity.im and adf.ly?
There are some pros regarding ity.im compared to other paid-URL-shorter:

  • there is other ways other than shorting your URL to collect money: placing banner ads and pop-up ads (and referral)
  • eCPM rate is way too high compared to adf.ly — even for Asian-based country. I can make $24 per day using ity.im compared to $16 a day using adf.ly.
  • instant payment, no need to wait until end of the month until you got paid. Once you requested payment, the system will process your request and send you payment within days. They promised instant payment after request! My first payment came after 2 days of requested time.

Ity.im payment proof?
This is my first payment from ity.im:

ity.im payment proof

first payment from ity.im

Do you still use it?
NO! Why? Because ity.im only paid me on my first request, my second and third request just being ignored by them. Here’s my request screen shot:

scammed by ity.im

my ity.im pending payment requests

As you can see, my second request had been longed for more than 2 weeks (remember that they promised instant payment) and still no money coming to my paypal. That’s enough reason for me to lift their ads code from my site and move on.

Final words: Stay away from ity.im, it’s highly likely a scam!