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Synching Nokia phone contacts to other smartphone (Sony, iPhone)

It’s quite simple actually, the key point is: using Google Contacts (quite weird that this contact isn’t listed in Google Products).

  • First step is that you should download Nokia/Ovi Suite
  • Sync your Nokia phone contacts via Nokia/Ovi Suite
  • Select all of your contacts (Ctrl+A or Edit  –> Select All)

Select all contacts in Nokia Suite

  • Export your contacts to your PC (File –> Export contacts). Select target folder where you will save the exported contacts to. You’ll have a lot of .vcf files there. We need to combine all of this files into a single .vcf file (so, we can import all of Nokia phone contacts to Google Contacts in one go)

Exported contacts from Nokia Suite

  •  Open a command prompt and navigate to the previously selected folder. If you are using Windows 8, you can do this easily, see screenshot

Windows 8 open command prompt in current folder

  • after the command prompt opened, type this command

fuse all of vcf files into one vcf

  • Now, open your Google Contacts.
  • Choose import contacts from your Google Contact. Choose that previously produced all_contact.vcf.

Google Import Contacts

Google Contacts import dialog

  • Now, make sure there’s no duplicate contacts (especially when you often do this synchronizing things)

Remove duplicate contacts in Google Contacts

You’re done preparing, now, we can easily synchronizing with smartphone from other manufacturers


Synching with Sony Xperia Go via PC companion

  • If your Android already setup for auto-synching with your Google Accounts, there’s no need to do this step but I prefer to do this just to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Choose Sync Zone from your Sony PC Companion


  • After that, you’ll be asked about your Google Accounts where you can sync the contacts


Synchronizing with iPhone

  • Well, not much to say here, just connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes (if it’s not open automatically). It should be synching automatically (if you are already set-up a Google account for your iPhone). If not, click that iPhone button.

iphone button in itunes 11

  • Choose “Info” then configure your Google Contacts

iTunes configure Google Contacts

  • You’re ready to sync

iTunes sync Google Contacts

Script to check if a domain is banned from Adsense program or not

I want to create this kind of script for a long time a go, inspired by Digitalpoint Adsense sandbox tool. Since I have quite a free time now, I decided to do some little research on how to create an Adsense sandbox script. Supposedly to check whether a domain is banned from Google Adsense program or not. After a little research (trial and error), actually this kind of script is not so hard to implement (i.e. once you know the correct URL to call 😛 ).

So, here I create another PHP library that will check whether a domain (the domain name, not the user Adsense account)  is banned or not. Here’s the full library source code:

It’s a very basic PHP code without regular expression with a little cURL added. I’m sure you can improve it. 😀

How to use it:

The function will return an array of possible advertisers for the input URL. If the domain is banned, the function will return TRUE, if not banned, it will return an array.

Example array of advertisers result:

Fully working demo can be tested here: http://demo.ahowto.net/adsense_lib/
check if domain is banned by adsense

Close enough to Digitalpoint Adsense Sandbox tool.. 😛

YtConv.net has been reported as attack site by Google Safebrowsing

So, today I notice that Ytconv.net traffic has been down drastically. Apparently, Google Safebrowsing has been blacklisting YtConv.net and categorized it as “attack site“.
If you still want to use YtConv, you can ignore that message. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can skip the message by clicking on “Ignore this warning” link and then click on “This isn’t an attack site…

ytconv blacklisted on firefox

Warning message on Firefox

If you are using Google Chrome (and its derivative). you must click on “proceed anyway” link.

ytconv blacklisted on chrome

Click that link

I don’t know for how long will Google “ban” YtConv.net

Calling/Using Google Maps API reverse geocoder from PHP

Still talking about web GIS here..

Reverse geocoder is a way of converting GPS coordinate (latitude, longitude) into human readable address.

Instead of JavaScript, we also can call reverse geocoder feature from Google Maps API via PHP. This is useful if you are somehow need to get user position in human readable format not only as latitude and longitude pair. You can then save this return value to database or just looking for a place name that has address similar to the returned value (addresses).

This is working example code in PHP:

Example result:

As you can see, Google Maps give you several level of human readable address. You may interested in “formatted_address” of results object. It is the human readable address that you can show directly to user. A way of calling it (example):

Other interesting object is address_components, you can, for example, get visitor’s state/province by looping of types array under each address_components object.

Google SERP checker using Google AJAX Search API‏

A warning before you proceed: Google hate you when you are using its API for automated position tracking

So.. Google provide us Google AJAX Search API which we can use to fetch Google search result. The bad news is that it only provide maximum 64 search result.
More info about this API, read here: http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/documentation/reference.html

We’ll use this API to track our domain position on Google SERP for certain keywords, it’s useful to track your SEO progress.

Full main function source code here:

The main function is g_serp() and I create one function helper file_get_contents_curl(). The main function use json_decode(), so, your PHP version must be at minimum 5.2. The function designed to stop at first domain match. You can modified yourself so the function continue to search until 64 results (maybe you want to check whether your domain shown more than one on Google SERP).

Parameters explanation

  • $keyword –> the keyword that you want to check. Example: ‘how to upload mp3 to youtube
  • $url –> your domain name (without ‘http://’). Example: www.mp32u.net
  • $lang –> target language, different language target might cause different position result. Example (choose one): en, de, fr, id    

Usage example

Example output

So, as you can see, at this time of writing, mp32u.net rank #7 on Google English (Google.com) on keyword: how to upload mp3 to Youtube

Fully working demo can be tested here: http://demo.ahowto.net/gserp/