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cygwin: failed to build ArduPilot because of isnan / isinf

Upon building SITL on Windows 10 via cygwin following this tutorial: Setting up SITL on Windows, I encountered build error in this step :

cd ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter
make sitl -j4

Something like these (the original error is very long):

/home/achmadz/ardupilot/libraries/AP_Math/quaternion.h: In member function 'bool Quaternion::is_nan() const':
/home/achmadz/ardupilot/libraries/AP_Math/quaternion.h:51:24: error: 'isnan' was not declared in this scope
return isnan(q1) || isnan(q2) || isnan(q3) || isnan(q4);

So, it seems the libraries is trying to use isnan function but can’t find it.
The solution is quite simple (although I’m not sure if it’s the correct way, but hey.. my solution works!): we edit all .cpp and .h files inside ardupilot/libraries/ folder (and subfolders) and replace all isnan and isinf appearance into std::isnan and std::isinf, for example inside ardupilot/libraries/AP_AHRS/AP_AHRS.cpp line #271, replace:

 if (isinf(_cos_roll) || isnan(_cos_roll)) {


 if (std::isinf(_cos_roll) || std::isnan(_cos_roll)) {

to find files that references isnan and isinf, you can use find command (from within ardupilot/libraries/ folder) like this one:

find ./ -type f \( -iname "*.h" -o -iname "*.cpp" \) -exec grep --color=auto -inH 'isnan' {} \;
find all .h and .cpp files that contain "isnan" reference

find all .h and .cpp files that contain “isnan” reference

and for isinf:

find ./ -type f \( -iname "*.h" -o -iname "*.cpp" \) -exec grep --color=auto -inH 'isinf' {} \;

It’ll show you the files that need to be edited. (You might need to install nano to edit the files — just for convenience).

And done! You are good to go to build SITL in Windows!!

SITL running in windows 10 64bit

SITL running in windows 10 64bit

TREQ A10C review

TREQ A10C is a low-end Android made-in-China tablet. I bought this tablet because although it’s low-end, it runs on Android ICS 4.0.3 (and my kids want Angry Birds Space┬á and Plants vs Zombie in this device ­čśŤ ). The price is also affordable, IDR1,350,000.00 (about USD150) for the 16GB version.
Some basic system info (taken using Quadrant standard):

Treq A10C system information

TREQ A10C basic info

Graphic capability (also from Quadrant):

Treq A10C graphic component

TREQ A10C graphic capability

– cheap
– run Android ICS 4.0.3
– 1GHz single core processor (tweakable up to 1.5GHz) with 1GB RAM
– able to play MKV video (tested on 720p quality), subtitle is flawlessly shown.
– able to read external hard-disk (tested on my Toshiba 500GB), be aware though, Android will only read your first hard-disk partition
– already rooted
– Google Play/Market, Adobe Flash 11, HD games run smoothly
– HDMI output (cable is not included)
– 5 points multi-touch

– no GPS
– no compass
– no built-in modem
– no bluetooth
– no camera (well, there is a front VGA camera, it sucks)

Although this tablet hasn’t any internal modem (WiFi only), it does support some USB modem (GSM and CDMA):

treq a10c supported modem

Supported USB Modem by Treq A10C

Toshiba Regza PowerTV 24PS10E

Like I’ve done my wife’s Nokia Asha 303. this review comes from myself which is not a professional product reviewer. I also isn’t a TV enthusiast so this review is not “deep”. I bought this TV set about ┬ámonths ago as replacement for my Sharp Alexander Slim II that I gave to my parent.

Brief info about Toshiba Regza PowerTV 24PS10E: this is a 24 inch LED TV; LED power saving feature that got me hard, it consume only 40W; support fullHD 1080p video, full HDMI; support multi format video, including FLV, 3GP, MP4 and MKV (a big factor that I decided to buy this one, this TV can play MKV that LG LED TV and Samsung LED TV even can’t play — I ask the salesperson to test my video on different LED TV brands and choose which one that can play it); USB playback (no need additional video player).

OK, these are the “negative” side of this product bundle:

  • no wall mounting included (it’s only 24″, who need wall mounting for this kind of size; stand mounting is sufficient)
  • no HDMI cable included
  • yes Toshiba Regza 24PS10E can play MKV video (even if the MKV is created by the latest mkvmerge); yes it can show the embedded subtitle; yes it can show .srt/.ass external subtitle; BUT: the font subtitle is too small and we can’t change the font size; the subtitle is pure white and we can’t change it, it’s hard to see in “bright”-themed movie; Toshiba Regza 24PS10E often messed-up with subtitle if the file name is too long. NO subtitle styling, all .srt/.ass font styling will be dropped, only white subtitle!
  • sound quality is not to be compared with my old Sharp Alexander Slim II (a quite let down on this one factor)
  • auto “signal booster” is not as good as Sharp Alexander Slim II
  • start-up” time from standby mode to full “live” (when the TV image is shown) is quite long, about 2-3 seconds
  • can’t read/play from USB 2.0 powered external hard disk. I’ve tested it with my Toshiba Canvio Basics series 500GB external hard disk. Maybe this TV can read external HD that self powered (via it’s power cord)?
  • It has three-pronged power cord but not bundled with cheater plug. All of Indonesian power plug is standardized to use two-pronged power chord, so I had to go to nearby electricity store to buy my own cheater plug.

No product picture this time, too lazy to take picture of my TV.

Nokia Asha 303 review from the perspective of a pesimist

This month my wife’s 2 years old Nokia E63 is damaged that it rendered unusable because my lovely 3 y.o. daughter was poring water on it. So, I had to buy her a new one. Several minutes window shopping, finally decided to choose a Nokia –quite– new release: Nokia Asha 303. Nokia got me bad at 1Ghz processor speed (Nokia E63 was 600MHz, so, I have a high hope on Nokia 303).

I believe there are a lot positive review out there about Nokia Asha 303. So, here’s my more “negative” review so you know what they didn’t tell you in the promotional campaign:



  • It’s a S40 device. This is a big let down for me. No .sis/.sisx this led to a lot of disappointment (I come from S60 devices).
  • So, S40, means you can’t install office-like application, not even a simple text editor (mobile java-based text editor is crap!). This hinder me when trying to open just a merely .txt file.
  • You don’t have a filemanager and you can’t install a good one (I don’t know if there even any Java-based filemanager there) . There’s only “Gallery” and Storage media manager there. The phone also had no “Menu” button and “Home” button had to press “Back” several times in order to be back to home screen. Almost everything is done via touch interface which kinda eat the screen estates.
  • The font is just too big for me. You can’t go lower with the font. Bigger yes, lower no..
  • 1Ghz? Nice, isn’t it? Yeah nice but what does it mean to have so powerful computing potential if there aren’t good applications making use of this speed.┬áEven tough already had fast speed, eBuddy still lacking of speed, decided to uninstall it.┬áNokia chat application is your only good choice to chat!
  • Angry Birds for Nokia Asha 303 is good. Smooth and without a glitch. It’s also dirt cheap to upgrade to full version (but still limited to 105 level, not so many compared to Android’s version). I my country it is just Rp3000,00 or about 40 cents. But that’s it, other games are crap.. even game made by Gameloft (except that Brainy-thing-game, it’s good and worth the upgrade).
  • No flash for your camera!! Don’t even think about taking picture in the night.
  • Can’t watch video from Youtube! We supposedly access the Youtube page via Nokia own’s browser and when clicking on Youtube video links, Nokia media player would play the video for us. But in real life it never work! Trying to find Youtube application? Forget it, there isn’t any for Nokia Asha 303!
  • It comes with free Nokia Music for 6 months. But the music library is also not updated and only had local artists (I’m from Indonesia).
  • No data cable included! Use bluetooth to transfer files from/to your PC.


That’s it for my “negative” review for Nokia Asha 303.

WordPress blogging in Android

WordPress.org team is really something. Not only they provide the best open source blogging platform, they also provide WordPress client application for Android for FREE!
Try searching using “wordpress.org” in Android market. You will not miss this one.
From within application you can manage your wordpress.com blog or self hosted wordpress blog. You can even create a new wordpress.com blog directly from the app.


some random caption

Posting a photo is not an issue. You post a photo from gallery or taking it from your camera like I just did.
In order to do all this, you need to enable XMLRPC on your wordpress writing settings.
One thing for sure, I need Android device with bigger screen..:-P

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