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Enable gzip compression via CPanel

As you know, improving user experience when accessing your site/blog by speeding up your website load time is important. Smaller website size (not screen size but size as in file size) will deliver much faster website load time. To achieve smaller website size, you need to activate gzip compression on your server. Basically, your web server will “zip” your content before deliver it to visitors. Visitor’s browser will then decompress and show the original content to your visitor on the fly!

Gzip compression also had great weight in Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow valuation. So, make sure you enable this on your website server to achieve high grade on both test platform.

If you are on shared server with CPanel as your web hosting control panel, you no need to bother meddling with web server (such as Apache) configuration. Most of shared web hosting server already had gzip compression enabled on the server scope. BUT the effect is per-site basis and it is not enabled by default for each website. You need to activate it manually. Here’s an easy way to activate gzip compression for your website via CPanel.

  • Login to your CPanel, obviously. 😛
  • Access “Optimize Website” menu under “Software/Service” icon group.

cpanel software/service icon group

  • Choose “Compress all content” then click “Update Settings” .. you are done.

cpanel optimize website command feature

You can re-test your website performance on Page Speed and YSlow, you will  find that your score on “Enable gzip compression”(Page Speed) / “Compress components with gzip”(YSlow) will increase.

pagespeed gzip compression score