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Ytconv.net added new 3GP video format

Yes, YtConv.net already supported 3gp video format. The new 3gp format is subsidary.
What’s the different from the old 3gp:

  1. different video resolution. it’s 240p, the video size (width x height) is 320×240
  2. better video quality
  3. guarantee that you will not get any ‘server is busy’ message that you usually see when converting to the old 3gp format. The 3GP video is taken directly from Youtube server, therefore no need to convert it first.
  4. faster conversion, in fact, it’s instant after grabbing progress is completed.
  5. in many case, the file size is smaller than the old one.

However, there are some drawbacks:

  1. the video might not be playable in old phone (I haven’t tested it on old Nokia phone, the video is playable in Nokia Asha 303)
  2. the grabbing progress take longer than the old one. That’s because the 3gp video taken directly from Google/Youtube server without converting it in YtConv server.
  3. monotonous audio channel (this is default from Youtube) and the audio rate is only at 22KHz. So, the audio quality might be worse from the old one.

If you are using YtConv advanced tricks, the “hq” parameter for this new 3gp format is 6