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What is

In brief: is one of quite new CPC and CPM ads networks out there. So, you got revenue when ads shown (CPM) or clicked by users (CPC). Their payment term is NET60 (this is my first time dealing with ads network that has this long payment terms)

I joined them last week of November 2011 and got my first payment this January 2012. So, this answered the most common questions:

Do pay? Yes, they do. Is the payment on time? Yes, it is.

Auditing revenue?

This one I noticed the most. To my surprise, it seems they do some revenue auditing before finalizing our earning. Just like Adsense do, so, I’m not too surprised with this kind of scheme. They also promptly sending us email about our finalized earning. You may noticed that’s eCPM is really good for a new ads network. November 2011 revenue stats

My November 2011 revenue stats

November payment sent to my Paypal: first payment

My first sonobi payment coming to my Paypal account

There’s a $8.43 gap between reporting and payment. I think the “invalid” revenue is quite so-so (my biggest revenue “cut” is from Adsense, where I found about $50 not accounted for)

Some other note: their reporting is updated once a day. Sometimes (rarely) 2 days. Don’t be surprised if your revenue stats isn’t updated yet.

So, this is my first review about I’ll surely review again on my second payment, because this second payment is quite big.

Final words: definitely worth to try if you have sites with insane traffic (>10K pageview per day).

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