Online multi-currency converter mash-up

I’ve created Currency Converter Mash-up site that combine major currency converter source out there.
Site address:

Online Multi Currency Converter Screenshot

The results are taken from Google Finance currency converter, Yahoo! Finance currency converter, Universal Currency Converter, Western Union Currency Converter and Paypal. Western Union Currency Converter is quite useful if you had Google Adsense account which paid via Western Union, it gave gave you rough estimate how much will you get from Adsense in your local currency. Also, it would be useful for us that have USD currency in Paypal account but the goods that we will bought is in different currency e.g. EUR and GBP. Some source might provide less currency than others, read Currency Converter FAQ for more info.

  1. yang paypal kosong terus mas N/A

    • Paypal emang tdk mendukung konversi ke rupiah (jika pake API). Harus lewat paypalnya langsung.

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