Check website rank in Bing SERP using Bing Search API ‏ 2

A warning before you proceed:
as stated on Bing API 2.0 documentation: “You can not Use API results for search engine optimization (SEO). In particular, using the API for rank checks is explicitly prohibited.”

So, use my code on your own risk!

Last time, we have covered on how to use Google AJAX Search API to check Google SERP, now, we will utilize Bing API to check SERP on Bing search engine.

You need to signup for API key here:
I’ve written the working code here:

Example usage 

Example output:

Apparently rank better in Bing SERP than in Google SERP for keyword: how to upload mp3 to Youtube

Fully working demo can be tested here:

  1. i had run the above is getting error.

  2. Nice piece of work, can you add other SE as well such as yahoo and google?

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