How to understand this blog

This blog is a continuation of my effort in blogging world. My old blog had been deleted by Google because the email hacking incident. Now, it is time to move to wordpress platform and use self-hosted blog so nobody would dare to delete my blog without my consent. That’s why I called this blog : My Blog, Not Yours!

Most of this blog post content will be about real-world problem-solving experience that I encounter in programming or just rambling around internet. Some of them would also be a tips or trick. I didn’t have the old content of Achmad Z’s Archives posts, I only had a few of them. I know this is unfortunate, my 300+ posts is just vanished as simple as that. I’ll re-post whatever I had in my email from old blogspot.

Who I am, you can read a brief introduction of Achmad Zaenuri. If you want to contact me and didn’t already had my new email in your address book, you can contact Achmad Zaenuri here.

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