super easy installing ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, lame, libogg, libvorbis, mplayer, mencoder and flvtool2 in Debian 6

There are new comer Linux users that still think that installing ffmpeg, mencoder and flvtool2 is hard to do in Linux. I can understand this because not many tutorial site tell them how to do it easily. If you do not need “bleeding-edge” features of the latest ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, mencoder, mplayer and flvtool2, you can use this tip I wrote. You need additional Debian repository to do this tip.

Add debian-multimedia repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list (edit this file using your favorite text editor such as vim or nano)

You can choose the nearest debian-multimedia repository server here: Choose the one that near your server, at least in the same continent.

After adding to sources.list, do some:

then, to install ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer and flvtool2 in Debian Squeeze, do some:

you’re done! It should be less than 5 minutes for a fast server.
apt-get will handle the dependency (such as libmp3lame, libogg, libvorbis) for you! No meddling with source code, no need to compile by yourself, no dependency headache, no libraries conflict, just working environment with some simple steps!

For ffmpeg-php there is additional repository: dotdeb repository. Read the instruction on how to add dotdeb repository in your current Debian 6 /etc/apt/sources.list
After adding dotdeb repository, you can simply install ffmpeg-php by:

That easy!

  1. This is by far so most complete and most easyest wy of getting the right codecs for debian squeeze. I´ve read tons of how to and tried them all, but found this to be the best one to get on the right track. Thanks!!!

    Torsten Zenk

  2. This is the easiest and best tutorial. I got tired only reading the others

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