Liferea: Light RSS reader for GTK+‏

I love lite application and useful. RSS reader is my bandwidth saver on my mobile phone. I’m using Symbian application on my mobile phone to keep me updated while I’m away from my computer (since Ramadhan feasting). I’m getting used with it, so, when I back to use my computer a lot, I decided to look for a good RSS reader/aggregator.
Using Ubuntu as my OS, there’s a lot of choice to install. Considering the lightness (not bloated), I choose to install Liferea. It already had embedded browser that already support showing video on the feed.

LifeRea Screenshot
What’s annoying about this application?

  1. auto load comments –> hate this! I hope there’s some option to disable this behavior
  2. no button to easily “read full article”, you have to right-click on the item and you can open it on separate embedded browser or external browser
  3. need more improvement on feed source search

I know there’s much advanced news aggregator like RSSOwl out there, but I guess I’m just an average user that happy with standard feature.

  1. Hi!

    Newer versions of Liferea have an option to disable loading comments and automatically loading the full article in the feed properties (right click in feed list). The only thing is you have to enable this for each feed separately.

    Best Regards,

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