find which folder/directory eats most space

For terminal/console based command, we can use “du” command to check which folder/directory eat most of our space. “du” command already had extensive options to play with and is installed by default on most of system. You can do “man du” to check what options do you have.

Linux also had graphical application that behave just like “du” command. It show you the disk usage more aesthetically┬áin chart. The name of application is quite funny: baobab. Not this “baobab”:

Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree

But, this baobab:

baobab graphical disk analyzer in Linux

baobab is part of gnome-utils package, so, if you haven’t had it, you can install it by (example in Ubuntu Linux):

sudo apt-get install gnome-utils

You can choose which one that you want to show the space usage; the whole system, only your own home folder or just certain folder. You’ll be surprised by the result, as for me, there’s a lot of space “eaten” by hidden folder, mostly for cache usage.

baobab which one to scan

Choose which one to scan

There are 2 chart representations you can choose: rings chart and tree map chart

baobab rings chart

Baobab: rings chart mode

baobab treemap

Baobab treemap mode

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