Debian 6 apps/tools that I installed after fresh OS install (for server purpose)

Another personal notes for me. These are all small applications/tools that I should install after fresh OS install, most of them are tools to monitor server performance.
nmap : check sever’s open TCP/IP ports. For security reason.
nmap result
mc: a better text based file manager with 2 panes and also provide a good text editor (mcedit)
htop: a better view of top command
htop result
iftop: watch your detailed network traffic at certain ethernet device; see who’s the fastest bandwidth eater.
iftop result
bwm-ng: also bandwidth monitoring but only show overview for each ethernet
bwm-ng result
libwww-perl : this one is dependency for CSF firewall
links: text based browser
curl: this one is used later in most of my PHP scripts

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