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cygwin: failed to build ArduPilot because of isnan / isinf

Upon building SITL on Windows 10 via cygwin following this tutorial: Setting up SITL on Windows, I encountered build error in this step :

cd ~/ardupilot/ArduCopter
make sitl -j4

Something like these (the original error is very long):

/home/achmadz/ardupilot/libraries/AP_Math/quaternion.h: In member function 'bool Quaternion::is_nan() const':
/home/achmadz/ardupilot/libraries/AP_Math/quaternion.h:51:24: error: 'isnan' was not declared in this scope
return isnan(q1) || isnan(q2) || isnan(q3) || isnan(q4);

So, it seems the libraries is trying to use isnan function but can’t find it.
The solution is quite simple (although I’m not sure if it’s the correct way, but hey.. my solution works!): we edit all .cpp and .h files inside ardupilot/libraries/ folder (and subfolders) and replace all isnan and isinf appearance into std::isnan and std::isinf, for example inside ardupilot/libraries/AP_AHRS/AP_AHRS.cpp line #271, replace:

 if (isinf(_cos_roll) || isnan(_cos_roll)) {


 if (std::isinf(_cos_roll) || std::isnan(_cos_roll)) {

to find files that references isnan and isinf, you can use find command (from within ardupilot/libraries/ folder) like this one:

find ./ -type f \( -iname "*.h" -o -iname "*.cpp" \) -exec grep --color=auto -inH 'isnan' {} \;
find all .h and .cpp files that contain "isnan" reference

find all .h and .cpp files that contain “isnan” reference

and for isinf:

find ./ -type f \( -iname "*.h" -o -iname "*.cpp" \) -exec grep --color=auto -inH 'isinf' {} \;

It’ll show you the files that need to be edited. (You might need to install nano to edit the files — just for convenience).

And done! You are good to go to build SITL in Windows!!

SITL running in windows 10 64bit

SITL running in windows 10 64bit

Test 4G LTE Semarang

[gmap title=”Lokasi percobaan” show_heading=”1″ latitude=”-7.0761649″ longitude=”110.4245947″ zoom=”16″ width=”100%” height=”250px” map_type=”ROADMAP”]
Huawei E3372 (M150-2) Black – MegaFon Version

Indosat Ooredoo

Kekuatan sinyal
Sinyal Indosat Ooredoo di lokasi


Dilakukan beberapa kali dan diambil yang terbaik

Dilakukan beberapa kali dan diambil yang terbaik


Kekuatan Sinyal

Sinyal Telkomsel di Lokasi


Dilakukan beberapa kali dan diambil yang terbaik

Dilakukan beberapa kali dan diambil yang terbaik

Blogging again?

Well, it seems that auto-post random post to twitter/Fb is working again and I see my old posts.
Not nice and give some burden to post a new one. Maybe I should begin to post something again. has been reported as attack site by Google Safebrowsing

So, today I notice that traffic has been down drastically. Apparently, Google Safebrowsing has been blacklisting and categorized it as “attack site“.
If you still want to use YtConv, you can ignore that message. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can skip the message by clicking on “Ignore this warning” link and then click on “This isn’t an attack site…

ytconv blacklisted on firefox

Warning message on Firefox

If you are using Google Chrome (and its derivative). you must click on “proceed anyway” link.

ytconv blacklisted on chrome

Click that link

I don’t know for how long will Google “ban”

test new post using ics 4.0.3

well. this i just another posting test using wordpress for android ICS 4.0.3 with keyboard.

wow.. this is convenient. maybe I’ll start blogging again.
the spellchecker is suck. many basic english words isn’t available in the stock dictionary and I still can’t figure it out on how to update the dictionary (without entering words one by one)

over and out….