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Pinballpublishernetwork review

What/who is
They are advertising company. They provide pay-per-install advertising, means: you got money when visitors install applications/toolbar from They also had referral program. Publisher (us) can promote Pinbalpublishernetwork’s applications via banner, text link, interstitial or pop-over.

What kind of applications that they offer?
Free applications, games, smileys content program

Publisher can choose which to promote


Do they pay? payment proof?
Yes, they absolutely pay. Payment term: NET30 (just like Adsense). I already paid twice via Paypal (forgot to say: you can either paid via Paypal or check/wire). Here’s my paypal screenshot: payment proof #1

First payment from payment proof #2

Second payment from

I would say that: is suitable if your site content are one of these: download-related, free-online game and software-related tutorial (including PC desktop modification/tips/trick)

Do you still use it?
No. Why? See my report from dashboard:

pinballpublishernetwork reports

My payment schedule report

Look closely and compare it to my paypal payment proof. First payment should be sent at November 11th but they send me payment at November 23rd; I said: Okay, a little 12 days late is rather fine.
Now look at the second payment schedule and compare it to my second paypal payment proof. I should been paid at Nov 29th but they sent the payment at January 13th 2012. That’s almost 2 months late. In the middle of the payment delay, my account manager had been replaced, I had to re-send my W8-BEN form and do some back-and-fort email communications with my account manager more than 10 times. Crazy! I think maybe they were a runner at that time.
So, that’s my simple reason for removing their ads code from my site. If they pay on-time, I would love to continue to use them.

Final words: you should try them!

Achieving what W3 Total Cache does for your non-WordPress site

Before implementing this tips, your server/web host had to use Apache and activated all modules needed as I already posted.
W3 Total Cached had a good .htacess settings that will made your site/blog score higher in Google Page Speed and YSlow. I noticed that these .htaccess settings is quite generic and can be implemented in non-blog, non-Wordpress site.
Here’s the .htaccess settings that you need to copy and paste to your site’s .htaccess:

What it does?

  • enabling gzip compression, your site’s HTML codes will be compressed on-the-fly before served to users/visitors
  • minifying CSS, JS and HTML files from your site
  • add expiry header to your files based on file types
  • set ETag value
  • Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

I’ve implemented this on, the result is as expected.

W3 Total Cache: score higher in PageSpeed and YSlow for your wordpress blog

On previous posts, I talked about enabling gzip compression and image compression on-the-fly for your WordPress blog. These two tips will reduce your blog size and eventually speeding up your blog page load time. In result, your blog will score higher in Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow scoring.
By installing W3 Total Cache plugin, you’ll achieve higher score. I can see that this plugin put some nice .htaccess settings for your blog that will make your blog score higher. W3 Total Cache tweaks some valuation components in Page Speed and YSlow valuation such as: minify CSS, JS and HTML; enabling gzip compression, ETag, Vary: Accept-Encoding header and specify cache validator. score result after implementing those three tips:

ahowto reduce page size

Reduce page size

ahowto score

Score higher!

Even slimmer WordPress Blog using WP

In my previous post about enabling Gzip compression in your site via control panel, the trick will slimming down your wordpress blog size and eventually speeding up your site load time. Faster page load time means higher score in Page Speed and YSlow!

Here’s another step to make your wordpress blog slimmer: install WP

After installing and activating the plugin, you can access it via wordpress menu “Media–>Library

This plugin will trimming down your image size based on Yahoo technology. WP will work on-the-fly when you are successfully uploading an image. Wp also can work on-demand, means you can manually “smush” your images. By accessing menu “Media–>Library”, you can see how much space WP save you per-image basis.

wp result

There’s a lot of saving in PNG image format (more than 20% saving) and basically below 10% saving for JPG image format (JPG format is already compressed and lossy, so, this is normal).

Reduce your image size on-the-fly, save hard disk space and gain faster page load time FOR FREE! How can you miss this offer.

Send free SMS to Indonesian mobile phone number via GMail

This feature is not new, I don’t know when Gmail begin to support Indonesian mobile phone provider but it’s quite old. GMail gave you 50 SMS credits to any mobile phone number worldwide (not only Indonesia) but not all mobile phone provider is supported.

Quite straight forward:

  • Ask your Indonesian colleague (like me 😀 ) their mobile phone number and ask them what’s their mobile phone provider name. The mobile phone number should be like this (for example): 08985557x7x. Replace the first zero with Indonesia country code, so it become like this: +628985557x7x
  • Make sure the provider name is supported: Axis, Indosat, Telkomsel, Tri and XL. I, myself, had confirmed that the SMS arrived almost instantly to Telkomsel and Tri number. I’ve failed to send to XL number but maybe it’s just me or telecommunication network error.
  • Login to GMail and enter the mobile phone number to your “Chat and SMS“/”Ngobrol dan SMS” box. Give the number a contact name and save it.

Chat and SMS in GMail

  • Now you can begin to send SMS to that number. Your SMS with recipient will shown just like your usual chat with Google contact (gtalk).

gmail sms chat window

  • GMail will append your SMS messages with your email address and your recipient can reply to the SMS directly (to Gmail number), you’ll received it as chat message, if you are not online when reply arrived, GMail will convert it to email message.

As I said before, Gmail only give you 50 credits, it will decreased each time you send SMS (140 chars = 1 credit, if your message is 160 chars long it will be count as 2 credits). To refill this credit, your SMS recipient number have to reply to your SMS.

A good news for Tri users in Indonesia (like myself 🙂 ), there’s no charge whatsoever when you replied to SMS that sent by Gmail. Telkomsel will charge you some credits if you reply the SMS from Gmail. I don’t know with other supported providers whether they will charge you or not.