Hello, my full name is Achmad Zaenuri. I’m a seasonal programmer. Most of the time I do programming for offline (not published to internet) application. Most of them is research related.

I know some of programming language that used in the online/internet application such as PHP, Javascript and ASP .NET technology. I’m weak on jQuery though, haven’t learned it in deep. I also have no sense of art, so, I can’t design a web properly but I know CSS although I didn’t know what’s the different between CSS2 and CSS3. Mostly, for web-application, I work as backend programmer and let the design be handled by right man (web designer). I didn’t know how to program Flash/AS or RoR (because I never had a chance to learn it or get project in that language). My favorite PHP framework is CodeIgniter, it’s quite handy for fast and simple web application.

For desktop application programming, I know Delphi/Pascal, C# .NET and VB .NET. Eager to learn Visual C++ but always failed in the middle. Know Java but never use it for serious desktop programming (it’s heavy and slow, I didn’t like it). I speak Java for Android though, in fact it’s the only mobile programming language that I fluent in. I would love to learn Objective C but can’t afford to buy a Mac for development environtment.

I know Linux server management, I prefer to manage and administer my own servers with full command line control than leave it to “smart” control panel such as CPanel, Directadmin or Webmin/Virtualmin. I weak on routing though, so don’t ask me about cisco networking.

I’m a family man, I have one beautiful wife, one son and one daughter. I love them all.

Like I said to my clients, once you fluent in one programming language, you’ll understand at least the logic of other language. Fast learning is my strong point!